• Innovate Continuously

    Objectively pursue and achieve goals, actively try new methods and ideas, and be able to actively influence others

    Innovation is the source of our enterprise vitality, continuous innovation is the core driving force for us to maintain on top of competition. The continuous innovation comes from the first principle of thinking, that is all employees should seek the essence of things, and find the best path to achieve our goals.

  • Move Fast

    In the fast-developing information age, only fast can development be possible, and only fast can be trusted
    1. Move fast is the basis for enterprises to maintain market competitiveness, and it marks the customer-oriented action scale. Action is based on a results-oriented work principle that marks the value scale of a company's execution. The rapid actions of each employee are summed up in Mingxin's excellent delivery ability to customers.
  • All in

    Going all in
    1. Going all in is the self-driving force of every employee's mission, and it is the code of action for solving problems immediately, trying to complete the work efficiently, and pursuing the goal of excellence in delivery. We advocate passion, responsibility and mission-driven in the competition, which is the only way we can win trust in the market, customers and peers.
  • Advance Win-Win Cooperation

    Complementary strengths, open mind to cross-functional collaboration, build the ability to work effectively with people with different styles and characteristics, and ultimately achieve common goals
    1. Willingness to dedicate and work together would eventually result in a win-win situation. We ensure customer first by collaboration and efficiency, and result in development through cooperation. We advocate employees to seek efficiency through coopearation with each other, with other enterprises, the market, and the society. The sustainable development of Mingxin is based on cooperation rather than zero-sum game.